Hi there! Short post today because I’m feeling lazy. However, I just got this link from a friend and it’s way too hilarious and all of it is way too true, so I had to share it (good to give an overview of my life right now and the explanations are funny) —>

And here’s how I meet the list:

1) Fail a practice exam– Check.

2) Resent anyone who says you will pass– I don’t resent anyone, but it IS a funny explanation

3) Abandon something you normally do – well, I got rid of Facebook but I don’t know if that counts.

4) Buy something ridiculous / book an expensive trip – Check, Cancun here we come!

5) Have some kind of sleep issue– the 3am one, yep- check.

6) Gain or lose weight – the quote about being able to control one thing, “so your diet and exercise routine turns into the embodiment of perfection” – check

7) Pick up a weird habit – Blogging!- check

8) Drink alone– hahaha check

9) Have a weird run in with a stranger– have yet to do this one!

10) Cry– yeah, check.

So yeah, I pretty much met everything on the list- woo! Is that an accomplishment? I’ll count it as one.

Anyways, moving on….Nothing really new today, except that I got an email that my bar application has been accepted (for the first level of review), and that it is being sent to the character committee for “investigation.” Once I get through that and the bar exam, I’ll be a lawyer!! I will not know until late October, but it’s exciting.

Meena and I did that 20 20 20 class today (20 min legs, 20 min abs, 20 min arms and cardio in between). MANNNNNN. I am sore in places I did not even know were possible to be sore! My abs hurt just when I am holding my body up to stand! I told Shauna to name a muscle and I guaranteed that I would be sore there. Being a medical student, Shauna began to rattle off obscure muscles. It was pretty funny.

Studying wasn’t too bad today because there was no lecture so I got to play catch-up. Also a bunch of us sat in the library together and did work, which always makes it better. Anna and I are planning to go study at Peabody sometime soon and I’m excited about that because I love studying there. And tomorrow I just have to get through because Jeff is coming tomorrow night to visit! YAY!! :) I will probably have to do work, but it’s going to be so nice to have him here :)

On the other hand, I just looked ahead in our lecture schedule… baaaaaad idea. I found one day where we have literally 7 hours of lecture on Contracts in one day (buhhhhhhh). It’s also right around the time of our property lectures, which I am NOT looking forward to. But… I’m going to pretend those pages don’t exist and take it one day at a time.

In reference to the Cancun trip above- Jeff and I booked a trip to Cancun as a post bar trip!!! Wooo! I cannot WAIT. I’m sooo excited to sit my booty on the beach with a tropical beverage. Neither of us has been to Cancun but we have friends and family who have been, or are going and everyone loves it. If you ever went and have advice, let us know!

Okay, bed time- I’m pooped. Goodnight!!!! xoxo

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